Best Lines of the Week (June 2-8): ‘If He Can Play Dirty, Then So Can I’

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Freeform; TBS; Netflix

The Last O.G. (TBS)

“Just ‘cause you own this building don’t make you Brooklyn. Brooklyn is for the people.”

—Tray (Tracy Morgan) confronts a wealthy white business owner who tries to prevent the block party from happening.


Fear The Walking Dead (AMC)

Annie: “This place is worse than it seems.”

Alicia: “You keep saying that. What does that mean, exactly?”

Annie: “It’s not just the signs. It’s the… you’ll see.” 

—The group crash-lands in a strange new place, and one of the children they meet imparts some foreboding knowledge


The Bold Type (Freeform)

Pamela Dolan: “You used to be a big-time war reporter weren’t you? And now, what? You do takedowns of other women to sell a few more magazines?”

Jacqueline Carlyle: “I don’t do takedowns. I just tell the truth.”

—Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) and Jane (Katie Stevens) confront Pamela Dolan (Laila Robins) about the allegations of abuse her models have made against her.


90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (TLC)

Colt: “I’m sorry I don’t have more money.”

Larissa: “Colt, I’m sorry, but you are controlled.”

Colt: “I’m not controlled.”

Larissa: “And you will be controlled, and you will never grow up. You will never be a man.”

Colt: “The only woman I’m controlled by is you, darling.”

—Tensions increase between Colt and Larissa as their insults get more personal.


The Bachelorette (ABC)

“You and I both know for a fact that you — despite how you think that you feel — you’re the cause of her not being her happiest right now.”

—Mike confronts Luke P. after a series of mishaps with the rest of the boys.


Black Mirror (Netflix)

Dr. Munk: “Looks like the dream box had a power outage. The good news is the restraint system works.”

Catherine: “We need her alive at least until they sign the papers. Put her back under.”

—Pop star Ashley’s (Miley Cyrus) doctor and aunt (Susan Pourfar) discuss what to do with her when she surprisingly awakes from her coma.

Jared Harris in Chernobyl

Chernobyl (HBO)

“First, the trial. Once it’s over we will have our villains, we will have our hero, we will have our truth.”

—Charkov (Alan Williams) bribes Legasov (Jared Harris) to lie when testifying at the trial of the men responsible for the nuclear disaster.


MasterChef Junior (Fox)

“I’m going big, or else I’m going home.”

—Junior Chef Malia explains to Gordon Ramsey why she decided on a complicated dessert for her final dish.

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack (HBO)

“If he can play dirty, then so can I.”

—Anne (Suranne Jones) discusses her plan to expose Rawson for his thievery.


Life in Pieces (CBS)

Greg: “I know you’re new at this, so if you need any dad-vice, I’m here.”

Matt: “Did you just say ‘dad-vice’?”

Greg: Yeah. It’s mine. Don’t use it.”

—Greg (Colin Hanks) tries to advise his brother, Matt (Thomas Sadoski), on being a new parent.


The Weekly (FX)

“They killed Jesus Christ! Because he could save the world. So I say to myself, ‘Who are you compared to Jesus?’ Nothing! So I stick my arms out and say, ‘Kneel me, nail me to the cross, if that’s what you want.'”

—Mr. Landry, principal of the controversial T.M. Landry school that was part of a college admissions scandal, speaks to the NYTimes in the first episode of the news organization’s investigative series

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With the hopeful return of Black Mirror and emotional ending to Season 5 of MasterChef Junior, this week of TV delivered plenty of memorable moments.

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