Best Lines of the Week (October 7-13): ‘She Hated You So She Exploded’

Matt, Ryan

Fall TV continues to wow us, with so many new seasons and series premiers. And so many deliver with dialogue that will leave you wanting more.

There are only two episodes left of Season 1 of House of the Dragon and we’re already waiting for a new (renewed!) season of family drama. As one HBO show’s season comes to an end, another is just starting. Avenue 5 Season 2 premiered this week, and tensions were high in the comedy show as Ryan (Hugh Laurie) still hasn’t told the passengers how far away from Earth they actually are. Tensions continue to be high in Abbott Elementary when after Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) invited Jacob (Chris Perfetti) and Janine (Quinta Brunson) to her home for a cooking lesson, Janine went behind her back to reconnect Melissa with her estranged sister.

What other shows left us wanting more crazy dialogue? Keep reading to find out.

Bob, Gene

Bob's Burgers (Fox)

Bob: “A lot of it can be a surprise. I didn’t know I was going to have my own restaurant or three kids…”

Gene: “Or that much body odor.”

Bob: “No, I knew I’d have that, Gene. It’s probably genetic.”

Gene: “Oh no.”

—Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) attempts to offer his kids career/life advice when Gene (Eugene Mirman) interrupts.


Derry Girls (Netflix)

Clare: “How much longer are we going to ignore the elephant in the room?”

Orla: “Where?”

— Orla (Louisa Harland) responds to Clare’s (Nicola Coughlan) metaphor about their exams a little too literally.

Vaemond Velaryon

House of the Dragon (HBO)

“But it’s not a king who sits on the Iron Throne these days, good-sister. It’s a queen.”

— Vaemond Velaryon (Will Johnson) telling Princess Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best) that the crown has good reason to take his side and that he does not fear her cousin who is the King


Matt, Ryan

Avenue 5 (HBO)

Ryan: “My mother’s dead.”

Matt: “Yes, because she hated you so she exploded.”

— Matt (Zach Woods) insulting Ryan (Hugh Laurie) because he lied about how the food supply will run out for the passengers


Charli D'Amelio

The D'Amelio Show (Hulu)

“Now I’m at the point where I can drive the car instead of just being in the passenger seat going wherever everyone else is telling me to go. My permit is actually expired.”

— Charli is ready to take control of her life and start pursuing different passions.

Jacob, Melissa

Abbott Elementary (ABC)

“I think it’s called a ‘blend’ ‘cause they just mix all the best wines together.”

— Jacob (Chris Perfetti) justifying the cheap wine that he brought to Melissa’s (Lisa Ann Walter) house for a cooking lesson


Lois Griffin, Bonnie Swanson

Family Guy (Fox)

Bonnie: “Whoops, gotta go, I’ve got lunch with the girls.”

Lois: “I thought I was one of the girls.”

Bonnie: “You’re one of the gals.”

— Lois (Alex Borstein) expresses her confusion when Bonnie (Jennifer Tilly) leaves her out of her lunch plans.


The Midnight Club (Netflix)

“The food is s**t and my foster dad is my only friend.”

— Ilonka (Iman Benson) to her friend in college about how her hospital treatment is going


Tell Me Lies (Hulu)

Wrigley: “Ugh, you’re watching Ever After?”

Pippa: “Ironically.”

— Wrigley (Spencer House) questions Pippa’s (Sonia Mena) taste in TV.

John, Mary
The CW

The Winchesters (The CW)

“I figured you like your coffee the same as your world view: black as night.”

— John (Drake Rodger) buys Mary (Meg Donnelly) a coffee in an effort to persuade her to let him join her on a trip to find out more about their missing fathers.