5 Offbeat April Fools’ Day Episodes to Stream on Hulu (PHOTOS)

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april fools
Full House
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Full House

“Love on the Rocks,” Season 7, Episode 19

Well, that’s pretty damn cruel. The Tanner family fools permanent houseguest Joey (Dave Coulier) into thinking he struck it rich by buying him a lottery ticket and picking the previous winning sequence. They had secretly taped that week’s lotto announcement, and when Joey tunes to the news to see the new numbers called, the Tanners play the old VHS tape. (Hey, it was the ’90s.) While Joey rejoices, patriarch Danny (Bob Saget) and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) pretend to argue over the ticket and “accidentally” throw it into the blazing fireplace.

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“April Fools,” Season 8, Episode 25

“What’s next?” Colonel Potter (Harry Morgan) asks while the iconic war comedy’s gang, including Hunnicutt and Hawkeye (Mike Farrell and Alan Alda), embark on a prank battle. “Whoopee cushions on the wheelchairs?!” How about something a bit scarier? After the crew embarrasses no-nonsense visiting officer Colonel Tucker (guest star Pat Hingle) by dousing him with beer, he shows them up by faking a freakin’ heart attack.

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“Survival of the Fittest,” Season 7, Episode 17

Hospital pharmaceuticals were never so much fun! At Chicago’s County General, doc Luka (Goran Visnjic) celebrates the holiday by injecting resident Malucci (Erik Palladino) with Haldol, a drug that has drowsiness as a side effect. For the rest of the day, the poor guy can’t keep his eyes open. That can’t be ethical, right?

I'm Just F-cking With You
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Into the Dark

“I’m Just F–king With You,” Season 1, Episode 7

Bitter internet troll Larry (Keir O’Donnell) posts a cruel review about a motel and its sketchy employee Chester (Hayes MacArthur)…while he’s still staying there. Not a good idea, since Chester is actually a madman. At first, he toys with Larry by blocking a bathroom door. Soon, though, his “jokes” take a sinister turn when Larry and his sister Rachel (Jessica McNamee) try to escape. (Available April 1)

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“The Science of Illusion,” Season 1, Episode 20

Labeled a buzzkill by her classmates, college student Britta (Gillian Jacobs) aims to prove them wrong by pranking Ben Chang (Ken Jeong), the Spanish professor. But her elaborate plan — to steal a frog from the anatomy lab so she can plant it on Chang’s desk — goes awry when she accidentally pushes a cadaver out the lab window. Oh, and she mistakenly squishes the frog too.

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Rubber vomit? Plastic doo-doo? Nope, not here.

These five episodes, which are all streaming on Hulu, up the ante on traditional April Fools’ Day pranks with mind games, faked medical emergencies and one smashed amphibian.