Ricky Gervais’ ‘After Life’ Gets More Life in Season 2 First Look (PHOTOS)

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After Life Season 2
After Life Season 2

Tony (Ricky Gervais) looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in this group shot.

After Life - Season 2 - Lisa and Tony - Kerry Godliman and Ricky Gervais

Tony and Lisa (Kerry Goldiman) share a laugh

After Life Season 2 Tony Anne

Tony and Anne (Penelope Wilton) take a bench break in the cemetery.

After Life - Season 2 - Tony (Ricky Gervais) shares a drink with Nurse (Ashley Jensen)

Tony shares a drink with Nurse (Ashley Jensen).

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Netflix’s poignant dramedy After Life is setting its sights on a second chance at…. well, life.

The series, helmed by star Ricky Gervais, tells the story of Tony, a man living in the fictional English town of Tambury. A writer for the local newspaper, Tony’s life was upended when his wife died from cancer.

In Season 2, debuting Friday, April 24, his story continues as he struggles with the lingering grief that accompanied his wife’s passing. As he puts in the effort to become a better friend, viewers will see a different side of Tony. And things will also become intensified when the fate of the local newspaper becomes unclear.

Check out some sneak peek images for Season 2 in the gallery above!

After Life is written and directed by Gervais who also serves as an executive producer with Duncan Hayes and producer Charlie Hanson. Penelope Wilton, David Bradley, Ashley Jensen, Tom Basden, Tony Way, David Earl, Joe Wilkinson, Kerry Goldiman, Mandeep Dhillon, Jo Hartley, Roisin Conaty, Diane Morgan, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Peter Egan, Ethan Lawrence and Bill Ward star alongside Gervais.

After Life, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, April 24, Netflix