7 More ’90s Shows Nickelodeon Should Reboot (PHOTOS)

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Legends of the Hidden Temple

For every ‘90s kid who yelled in anger when someone messed up the Silver Monkey or screamed in fright when a Temple Guard popped out, this game show needs a full-blown revival and not just a TV movie.



Raise your hand if you ever counted Doug, Skeeter, Patti, and even Porkchop among your middle school friends. No? No one? Just us? Even so, Nickelodeon owes us a continuation of this animated series, if only so we can hear that theme song again.


Salute Your Shorts

Camp Anawanna, we still hold you in our heart. It’s hard to believe this show only lasted for two 13-episode seasons, considering its outsize legacy in the cultural memory of us millennials. Here’s an idea, Nickelodeon: Bring back the original campers as counselors!


Wild & Crazy Kids

So what if this game show was just a televised version of a school field day? We still would have given anything to participate in games like Splash Football, Bumper Boat Lacrosse, and Human Battleship.


Rocko’s Modern Life

Young whippersnappers raised on SpongeBob SquarePants know nothing of its predecessor, Rocko’s Modern Life, which featured a neurotic wallaby suffering through the indignities of ‘90s life. The old gang got back together a couple years ago for a TV movie titled Static Cling, but fans are still waiting for a release date.


What Would You Do?

Double Dare got a revival, sure — but this other messy, Marc Summers-hosted game show is still on the back burner. Where else can we see elaborate cream pie contraptions like the Pie Pod, the Pie Slide, the Pie Pendulum, Pie in the Sky, Pie Roulette, Pie Wash, Pie Coaster, Musical Pies…


Hey Dude

Dude, where’s our reboot? This teenager-geared comedy series followed the young men and women working at an Arizona dude ranch, and dang, if it didn’t make the American Southwest look like a paradise. The Hey Dude sets are still standing outside Tucson, though Nickelodeon would need to spruce them up a bit.

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The Nickelodeon lineup might become appointment television for millennials again now that the cable channel is bringing back sketch show All That and horror anthology Are You Afraid of the Dark? But we can think of several other classic Nick shows we’re yearning to see again.

Check them out in the gallery above, and get ready to wax nostalgic.