The Walking Dad: 11 Best (& Worst!) Dads From the 'Walking Dead' Franchise (PHOTOS)

Emily Hannemann

Being a dad is undoubtedly a tough, sometimes-thankless job. Being a dad in the zombie apocalypse? Even tougher!

Keeping one's kid — or kids — safe from the jaws of the undead is no simple task, not to mention dealing with all the "normal" stuff, like teenage rebellion, family drama and deadly first crushes (poor Ezekiel knows all about that one, and how it worked out for his son, Henry). No matter whether their children are dead or alive, most of these dads did their best and gave their sons and daughters the most important survival asset of all: love.

Here are the dads we liked, and a few we weren't so fond of, on The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

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