Big Ed on How ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Franchise Changed His Life & Fan Response (VIDEO)

Big Ed has made quite an impact on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and its fans. (He can most recently seen in the discovery+ spinoff 90 Day: The Single Life.) And the reverse is true as well.

In his time on the hit show and its spinoffs, he’s grown, not “height-wise,” he tells TV Insider, correcting for the record that he’s five feet tall, not four foot 11 inches. He has also lost weight. “Last season, I just had to let it go because I was extremely overweight, just not healthy,” he says. “I didn’t like how I looked on the show and I’ve taken the last probably two months and I’m in the gym every day.”

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He’s also taking care of himself emotionally. “I’m also in therapy,” he shares. “I’m having breakthroughs every day,” like ones about his father, who only once told him he was proud of him. “I’m just in a much better place,” he adds.

Will 90 Day fans get to see that on another series in the franchise? “You better pay attention,” is all he says. “They’re in love with me. The franchise likes me. So all I can tell you is there’s a lot more to come. They’re not done with Big Ed.”

Watch the video above to find out what was going on with Ed and Liz at the time of the interview (on May 6), how watching himself has changed how he looks at his relationship with Rose, and more.

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