Do We Know Everything About Emily’s Death on ‘Walker’? Genevieve Padalecki Weighs In (VIDEO)

Walker‘s Genevieve Padalecki has figured out the best reason to bring work home with her: It’s her husband.

Married to series star Jared Padalecki since 2010 after meeting on the set of Supernatural, the former star of ABC Family’s Wildfire has been sharing the screen with hubby all season as Cordell’s late wife, Emily. As fans know, Em was killed off in the pilot, so all we know of her are Cord’s misty, watercolored memories of an almost angelic woman. A few weeks back, it was revealed that her killer was a drug-runner working with the Northside Nation, and Padalecki hints that there may be more to the story.

Walker + Jared Padalecki + Genevieve Padalecki

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“There’s a lot more episodes that I filmed,” she teases. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” This week’s episode flashes back to how the Walker family coped with the immediate aftermath of Emily’s murder, so this may be a good time to keep a sharp eye out for anything fishy, folks.

Expressing her immense gratitude at the chance to work with Jared in their hometown of Austin, Texas, following his 15-year run on Supernatural up in Vancouver — not to mention the option to work out their domestic squabbles with romantic scenes — Padalecki is also keyed in on helping others find their smile and, quite simply, saving our planet.

“I’m really passionate about the environment and I feel like that really starts with your own self-care,” she says, explaining how both she and her husband openly discuss their battles with anxiety and depression on social media in hopes of destigmatizing mental health issues. In addition, Genevieve’s Instagram has become the go-to place for “Take Only What We Need,” her digital platform for promoting sustainability and resources for “making the world an overall better place,” as well as her popular monthly Book Club and, as of this week, pics of the newest family member, Bridger.


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Of course, being wed to one of TV’s most notorious pranksters, we couldn’t pass up the chance to get some scoop on how to give Jared what he so famously dishes out. And as you can see, she could bear-ly contain her excitement to share!

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