‘Why Women Kill’ and ‘Dr. Death’ Are Your Killer Summer Binges

Why Women Kill Dr Death
CBS All Access; Peacock

Looking for thrills and chills this summer? Why Women Kill and Dr. Death are serving up plenty of excitement. Learn more about the upcoming episodes from the creatives, below.

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Why Women Kill

How far will mousy housewife Alma (Allison Tolman) go to gain entry into a prestigious garden club? Creator Marc Cherry says the overlooked woman will “wreak vengeance” against cliquey society types, like the club’s entitled president Rita (Lana Parrilla), on the second season of the darkly comic anthology.

This time, the action happens in 1949 Hollywood, where beauty and the right wardrobe offer ultimate power. —Ileane Rudolph

Why Women Kill, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, June 3, Paramount+

Dr. Death

Patients enter the operating room of charismatic Dallas neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson) and leave maimed…or dead.

This drama based on a chilling true story reveals “how a creature like Duntsch [who had 33 victims] is created and how the medical system enabled him to get away with his crimes,” exec producer Patrick Macmanus says. Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater costar. —Kate Hahn

Dr. Death, Series Premiere, Summer 2021, Peacock