Sarah Drew Debunks ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fan Theory About April & Jackson

Jesse Williams Jackson April Sarah Drew Grey's Anatomy Season 17
ABC/Richard Cartwright

We may not know much about what to expect when Sarah Drew returns as Dr. April Kepner in the May 6 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but we do know one thing: We probably shouldn’t expect a major “Japril” reunion when she sees her ex-husband, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).

“She’s still been living in Seattle with [her husband] Matthew [Justin Bruening] and co-parenting Harriet. Everything that you’ve all assumed of where she’s been, that’s where she’s been,” Drew told ET.

“Look Up Child” sees Jackson visiting his father, Robert (Eric Roberts), which “helps set him on the right path,” according to the logline. But it doesn’t sound like that “right path” will be what some fans are hoping for: a reunion with his ex-wife.

However, that doesn’t mean that the episode won’t highlight what the two characters mean to each other in what Drew told TV Insider is “a Jackson story. He’s going through something big and she’s the one that is there to listen.”

At the same time, this doesn’t necessarily rule out a reunion in the future. It’s hard to imagine Grey’s shutting the door on that completely, especially with April and Jackson living in the same city and seeing each other on a regular basis.

And since Drew has said “you’ll hear plenty about what’s going on with April,” who knows what that could set up for the future, perhaps related to her marriage, perhaps not. (After all, April was just about to marry Matthew when she ran off with Jackson in Season 10.)

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