‘MacGyver’ Series Finale: Mac & Riley Plot to Recover a Missing 24 Hours (VIDEO)

A sharp memory is important for a government operative trying to take down the bad guys, right? So, imagine the surprise for Phoenix Foundation’s Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Riley Davis (Tristan Mays) in April 30’s series finale episode of MacGyver when they wake up in the middle of a cornfield with no memory of the past 24 hours! The pair has no idea how they got there and what happened but they do find nanotrackers on their bodies so they know someone is keeping tabs on them.

That’s the final case for our team to solve in the final installment of the rebooted series, which, after five rollercoaster seasons, is closing its doors. The cancellation news from CBS was a surprise when it came down on April 7, especially given the show is creatively as strong as ever this season under the guidance of showrunner Monica Macer.

Stars and Fans React to News That 'MacGyver' Has Been CanceledSee Also

Stars and Fans React to News That 'MacGyver' Has Been Canceled

It's over for the Lucas Till-helmed reboot after five seasons on CBS, but fans will not have it.

Additionally, looking at the ratings for total live viewership, MacGyver has won its timeslot every week but one this season. It definitely didn’t seem like a show that had run its course. (If you want to support the show’s diehard fans, who are trying to save the show, visit their website to lend a voice or a hand).

For now, an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s finale shows us the lengths that Mac and Riley will go to in order to remember what happened that night, including recreating the casino where they shared their last memory. Watch the clip, and then can someone wipe our memory that this is really the final episode of the beloved series? Seriously!

MacGyver, Series Finale, Friday, April 30, 8/7c, CBS