‘The Woman in the Window’ Explores ‘the Unreliability of Your Own Perspective’

the woman in the window amy adams netflix

Amy Adams faces doom with a view in the Hitchcockian thriller, The Woman in the Window, based on the 2018 novel of the same name.

The Golden Globe-winning actress stars as Anna Fox, a child psychologist who spends most of her time holed up at home due to a crippling case of agoraphobia (i.e., fear of open spaces). Her voyeuristic side comes out when her new neighbors Jane and Alistair Russell (Oscar champs Julianne Moore and Gary Oldman) move in across the street — and right in her line of sight.

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While keeping tabs on the family from her own New York apartment, the increasingly curious Anna witnesses a horrific crime involving Jane in the Russells’ home. At least, she thinks that’s what she saw…until Alistair introduces her to a woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) he claims is the real Jane.

Director Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice) calls The Woman in the Window “a film about perspective. It’s about the unreliability of your own perspective on reality.” And Anna’s point of view is most definitely flawed, thanks to her intake of pills and wine, as well as her need to find something nefarious behind what has transpired.

the woman in the window amy adams netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

“Anna starts to believe that there has to be a bad guy and somebody to blame,” adds Adams of her emotionally haunted character. “That starts to feed into how she sees the events unfold around her.” Go ahead and take a peek for yourself.

The Woman in the Window, Premieres Friday, May 14, Netflix

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