‘Supergirl’ Sibs Melissa Benoist & Chyler Leigh on Their ‘Instantaneous’ Bond (VIDEO)

There are few things more heroic than people who share their lives with others. And since day one on Supergirl, that has been the case for stars Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh.

As the Danver sisters — adopted alien Kara Zor-El and Alex, the out-and-proud DEO agent who just suited up as Sentinel — the actresses have given the show some of its most emotional moments while also forging a friendship that will clearly live long past the show’s current sixth and final season. Anyone who has seen them together on the show panels at San Diego Comic-Con will agree, they are true #sistergoals.

For TV Guide Magazine’s cover story about their bond and Leigh’s directorial debut with an upcoming two-parter, the duo carved out some time from Supergirl‘s intense shooting schedule to talk about how easy it was to fall into sisterhood and Alex’s long-overdue rise amongst the superhero ranks. Additionally, they share what it means to be bringing the show to an end with fellow O.G. cast member David Harewood (who plays the dynamically cool Martian Manhunter).

Melissa Benoist Chyler Leigh Supergirl Season 5 Kara Alex Danvers

(Sergei Bachlakov/The CW)

And finally — because who doesn’t love a tease? — we asked for some intel on what we might see once Kara escapes the Phantom Zone. And it’s sure to sound truly super to anyone longing for one of their side-by-side sister chats again.

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