Briana & Vincent Talk Post-Decision Day Plans in ‘MAFS’ Couples Retreat First Look (VIDEO)

Married at First Sight‘s latest season is nearing the finish line as the couples take part in the traditional retreat prior to Decision Day.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming installment, “Retreat Ready,” couples Briana and Vincent, Virginia and Erik, Ryan and Clara, and Haley and Jacob enjoy some laughs around the dinner table. Despite the light banter going on as they chow down on seafood, there’s some serious matters that have yet to be discussed.

Ryan takes it upon himself to shift focus from laughing about the meal to contemplating the future. “Have y’all started talking post-Decision Day?” he asks, putting the other pairs on the spot. The intense music that fills the brief silence suggests there’s tension in the air.

“We’re moving back to my apartment,” Vincent tells the group, offering a peek into his post-show life with bride Briana. As he reveals that there’s not a lot of space in the apartment, she doesn’t seem as taken with the prospect, “I just don’t know how I feel about moving into one bedroom,” she says.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Erik Virginia Haley

(Credit: Lifetime)

It’s clear Briana’s voiced thoughts aren’t thrilling for Vincent who counters that, “Well, my lease is done in April.” Haley attempts to ease the tension by noting that Briana and Vincent have some time to decide their next move.

Check out the sneak peek clip, above, for a better look at the drama ahead, and don’t miss the latest episode of Married at First Sight when it airs on Lifetime.

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