The Lioness Dotes on Her Cute Cubs in ‘Malika the Lion Queen’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Fox is serving up some must-watch family content this Easter Sunday with its two-hour documentary Malika the Lion Queen and TV Insider has your exclusive first look.

Airing Sunday, April 4, the special narrated by 9-1-1 star Angela Bassett follows a majestic lion pride in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. At the center of the doc is lioness Malika who will take viewers on an exciting adventure, teaching them about the role of queens in the lion kingdom.

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In the sneak peek clip above, Malika tends to her cubs with a deep tenderness and occasional annoyance as the rambunctious fur-balls roll around together. “I found an even deeper love than I had for my pride. A love only a mother knows,” Bassett says, narrating from the perspective of Malika.

“Sure, it was exhausting at times and I lost my patience. But it never lasted long… not with cubs that cute,” the narration continues. And there’s no denying just how adorable they are!

malika the lion queen fox

(Credit: Fox)

From that point forward, Malika’s mothering instincts take over as she provides safety and sustenance for her babies. Watch as Malika demonstrates the importance of the lioness in the pride’s success, and don’t miss Malika the Lion Queen when it debuts on Fox.

Malika the Lion Queen, Premieres Sunday, April 4, 8/7c, Fox