When Will ‘Evil’ Return for Season 2? 7 Teases as We Wait

Evil Season 1 Ben Kristen David Church
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It’s already been over a year since the Evil Season 1 finale, and sadly, there’s no word yet on a return date. But the good news is fans have been getting some hints (and a really fun teaser) thanks to virtual panels. The latest comes from PaleyFest LA.

During a panel released on April 1 and moderated by Whoopi Goldberg, showrunners and executive producers Robert and Michelle King and stars Mike Colter (David Acosta), Michael Emerson (Leland Townsend), Kurt Fuller (Dr. Boggs), Katja Herbers (Kristen Bouchard), Christine Lahti (Sheryl), and Aasif Mandvi (Ben Shakir) shared a bit about what’s ahead when we do (finally) get Season 2.

Also of note, Robert King shared on Twitter on March 27 that they were filming the ninth of 13 episodes. “CBS seems to be happy with what we’re doing even though the episodes are 18% weirder than last season,” he added, with the only hint of a premiere date, “So my guess is we’ll premiere on J-”

Below are seven teases about Season 2 from the Paley panel to whet your appetite.

What’s Next for the Investigative Trio

Skeptical psychologist Kristen, priest-in-training David, and carpenter (and rationalist) Ben are the ones investigating unexplained mysteries from the Church, and they each have quite a bit coming up when we do eventually see more Evil.

Kristen Crucifix Burn Evil Season 1 Finale


After a crucifix burned Kristen’s hand — perhaps proving she might have very well killed the serial killer Leroux (Darren Pettie) threatening her family, as was strongly suggested — in the Season 1 finale, “a big part of the beginning of [Season 2] is unpacking it,” Robert King previews during the Paley panel.

Meanwhile, David has “a countdown to ordination,” the EP continues. Like with a wedding, there’s an “intensity to giving your life to somebody else and do you really mean that? Temptations start flooding in the closer you get to that day.”

And Ben’s about to have a scary experience of his own when he gets haunted. “[It’s] unclear whether he’s getting Kristen’s night terrors, but he’s really becoming a bit terrified by the unreality of night terrors,” Robert King says. “How does a pragmatic person deal with the terror of that unknown?”

Aasif Mandvi Evil Season 1 Ben

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Leland’s Exorcism

What better way to kick off the new season than making you question everything you know about baddie Leland Townsend? The forensic psychologist is evil in some way, but the exact nature of which has not yet been revealed (but he’s seeing a Demon Therapist, so make of that what you will).

In the premiere, Leland goes to the team claiming to be possessed and asking for an exorcism. “It’s unclear whether that’s a con, what’s real,” Robert King shares.

A Major Change to the Premiere

Originally, the season was going to kick off set in a haunted subway station. “There was one subway station in New York where a lot of people kept committing suicide in front of the trains, and we thought that would make a great episode,” Robert King says. “Obviously with COVID, that is not a great idea for an episode.”

Ben Kristen David Evil Season 1 Christmas Song

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Instead, they had to refocus the first three episodes based on what they could do safely. That allowed them to focus on the cast’s performances and the tension between characters.

Kristen and David’s Attraction Isn’t Going Away

There is quite a bit in the way of Kristen and David doing anything about the attraction between them (her husband, he’s becoming a priest), but the show isn’t just forgetting it exists.

“They’re very interested in each other’s minds,” Herbers says. “That’s where it starts.”

But if they ever do take that step, don’t expect it to start with David. “Kristin is the aggressor, so if anything happens, it’s going to have to be her,” Colter adds. “More will unfold in the second season. But David is trying to his best to stay the course and to do what he feels is more fulfilling. He doesn’t want to just succumb to his flesh and to give in because at the end of the first season, we don’t know what’s going on with Kristen. David’s trying his best but there is an attraction there but he’s not sure he can trust Kristin.”

David Kristen Evil Season 1 Colter Herbers

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Sheryl vs. Leland?

Leland has seemingly successfully pulled Kristen’s mother Sheryl away from the psychologist, with the first season ended with the two engaged. Though Sheryl came to Leland’s defense in the past, however, that could change going forward.

“She had been, the first season, all into it, just so excited to be with someone who breaks all the rules,” Lahti says. “She was held back by her former husband, Kristen’s dad, and she’s just exploding now with wanting to break all barriers and conventions. She just is thrilled by [Leland]. But as we’re getting into the second season, there will be some reckoning and some awareness. I’m hoping that she brings [Leland] down.”

But through Leland’s manipulation of Sheryl, might he, as con men must to be effective, start believing his own con?

Evil Season 1 Sheryl Leland Finale

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“I think they’re a good pair. They’re compatible and kind of hot with each other,” Emerson adds. “They have equally a taste for mischief and rule-breaking. The problem is that with Leland, you never know what the real plan is and he’s not one to be counted on for very long.”

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