‘Chicago P.D.’ Sneak Peek: Ruzek’s Father Goes Missing — What Happened to Disco Bob? (VIDEO)

Bob “Disco Bob” Ruzek (returning guest star Jack Coleman) is in trouble again in the March 31 episode of Chicago P.D. He’s missing, and his son, Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), and the rest of Intelligence are investigating and wonder if it might be tied to a case.

That doesn’t seem likely, though, given what’s revealed in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek. But, as Coleman says, “the more we get to know Bob, the more we realize he’s more compromised than we had known.” He’s been involved with shady people in the past (and Jason Beghe’s Sergeant Hank Voight has covered by claiming he was undercover for his unit), but “this time, he gets even deeper.”

Just how deep has he gotten? In the clip, there’s a struggle inside his house and blood in his kitchen leading to the back door. “It’s pretty clear my father left in a hurry and it wasn’t his idea to do so,” Ruzek says. “His car’s here. The TV was on. His keys, his wallet, service revolver, his phone, which I just started going through. His password was his badge number because who would have thought of that?”

Adam does find a suspicious text on his father’s phone, from a Restricted Number: “You don’t deliver it’s over.” Does he know who sent it? Watch the video above to see his response, a pointed look from Burgess (Marina Squerciati), and what Adam thinks of Voight’s plan to try to figure out who’s responsible for what happened to his dad.

This episode will show “almost everything you can see in a father-son relationship when the son too often has to be the parent,” Coleman says. “You get everything from the pride of the dad’s retiring and the force is throwing a party for him, and then all of a sudden you start to realize things are not as they seem and they’re not good. [There’s everything] from love and pride to disappointment and hurt and anger and then also the desperate need to make sure your family is OK.”

Patrick John Flueger Jack Coleman Chicago PD Adam Bob Ruzek

Lori Allen/NBC

Speaking of Bob retiring, what does that look like for him? Even he isn’t sure, which could be a problem. All he’s known is being a beat cop and bitching about his job. “Some people just aren’t good at [having free time] and it gets them into trouble, and Bob seems to be one of those guys [for whom] idle hands are the devil’s playthings,” Coleman points out.

Will Intelligence find Bob before it’s too late so he can even make it to that retirement party?

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