‘MacGyver’: Levy Tran on Desi’s Past and Her (Possible) Future With Mac (VIDEO)

There’s truly nothing like a lavish wedding to make two people confront their relationship, right? On the April 2 episode of MacGyver we get just that — and some high-adrenaline action — when Phoenix Foundation members Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till), Desi Nguyen (Levy Tran), and Russ Taylor (Henry Ian Cusick) head to a Bollywood wedding on a mission to protect a princess bride.

Besides trying to saving the world and defeating CODEX once and for all, this season has also given viewers the love triangle between Mac, Desi, and team hacker Riley Davis (Tristin Mays). But the latest episode has Mac and Desi having some uncomfortable talks because, well, Desi has some things about her past to get off her chest. Could what she has to share close the book on a future with Mac? Or will it send Mac back to Riley?

To find out more about the case this week and the Mac and Desi of it all, TV Insider hopped on a zoom call with Tran, who graciously gave us a little time during her lunch break to clue us in.

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