Oprah to Interview Poet Amanda Gorman About Her Inaugural Triumph and More on Apple TV+ (VIDEO)

Oprah‘s next big interview is…poet and activist Amanda Gorman, who guests on the talk show host’s Apple+ TV series The Oprah Conversation on March 26. She relives her most famous poetry reading, opens up about her speech disorder, which she calls, “One of my greatest strengths,” and much more.

The first National Youth Poet Laureate wowed the world with her performance at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. “It wasn’t until the ceremony was done and I was backstage with my mom that the realized the totality of what just happened,” Gorman says of her poem.

In a wide-ranging interview, seen in the clip below, Gorman also talks being diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder, meaning that she has always had problems pronouncing certain sounds such as “r” and “sh”.

“I was born early, along with my twin,” she tells Winfrey. “A lot of times, for infants, that can lead to a learning disorder. One of my delays was in speech and speech pronunciation, and the auditory processing issue just means that I really struggle as an auditory learner.”

Gorman’s appearance on the show follows other big-name guests, including President Barack Obama, Matthew McConaughey and Stevie Wonder. Her interview with Winfrey streams just weeks after the veteran host made headlines with her special Oprah with Meghan and Harry.

The Oprah Conversation is part of Oprah’s multi-year Apple deal announced in 2018. Shows she currently has on the streaming service also include Oprah’s Book Club.

The Oprah Conversation, Friday, March 26 on Apple TV+