‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’ Cast Talk About the Complicated Dynamics That Make Up the Past (VIDEO)

Time travel makes things complicated, as Disney’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs tell us. It results in shocking news for at least one character, as detailed in TV Insider’s exclusive behind-the-scenes video with the young cast ahead of the March 12 Season 1 finale.

As Kyliegh Curran (who plays Harper) details, her character’s trip to the past reveals conflicting information about something her mother Jess (played by Izabela Rose in the past) had told her. Harper and Griffin (Preston Oliver), you’ll recall, have traveled back in time in hopes of solving a mystery about a girl, Savannah (Elle Graham), who disappeared decades ago in their town.

Sneak Peek: The Disney Channel's Unusual 'Secrets of Sulphur Springs' (VIDEO)See Also

Sneak Peek: The Disney Channel's Unusual 'Secrets of Sulphur Springs' (VIDEO)

The sci-fi mystery series features a haunted house, a time portal, a ghost, and some very scary goings-on.

And speaking of present characters with their parents in the past, Griffin and his dad Ben (played by Jake Melrose in the past) bond over their love of guitar. “Young Ben is [also] a prankster [and] always looking for the next adventure,” Melrose says.

But is there more to young Ben than that? “Harper and Griffin realize Savannah and Ben are great friends. They’re partners in crime. They do everything together,” Melrose continues. “So Harper and Griffin think what if Ben was with Savannah when she went missing?”

Watch the video above for more from the cast, including about the characters’ complicated relationships.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs, for 11 episodes, has followed Griffin after his family moved to the small town and took ownership of The Tremont, an abandoned hotel, with plans to restore it to its former glory as a vacation destination. On his first day of school, he heard the rumors about Savannah’s ghost haunting the hotel. Since then, he and Harper have started working together to uncover the truth about what happened.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Harper Griffin

Disney/Brian Roedel

In the finale, Harper travels back in time to the date of her father’s death in hopes of changing the outcome. The first seven episodes are streaming on Disney+, and new episodes will become available on the service each Friday in March through April 9.

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