‘Resident Alien’ Actor Alex Barima on His Undercover Operative Getting Closer to the Truth

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Breakout Syfy series Resident Alien has captivated audiences with its offbeat humor, ensemble cast, and small town capers.

In the mystery-meets-comedy with an extraterrestrial twist, showrunner Chris Sheridan has masterfully adapted the Dark Horse comic series of the same name written by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. Resident Alien’s cult success is in no small part due to its ensemble cast, featuring Alan Tudyk as an alien masquerading as a town doctor in Patience, Colorado, who is roped into a solving a series of murders. Sound complex?

Try being the alien, one who has two undercover operatives — David Logan, played by Alex Barima and Lisa Casper, played by Mandell Maughan — on a mission to uncover who he really is.

TV Insider had a chance to chat with Barima about what’s next for his character, the balancing of comedy and drama, and why Resident Alien is his most challenging role ever.

What can you tease about this week’s episode? Will David Logan get one step closer to completing his mission?

Alex Barima: Mandell [Maughan] and I didn’t get to work yet with the main cast because our storyline is quite separate, as you know. I’m very excited about this week’s episode because we get a deeper look into David and Lisa — we get to learn more about who they are, who they work for, and what their specific mission is. We gleam their ultimate objection. We already know they’re looking for the alien, but we’re going to find out just how much information they have and how exactly they’re going to use it. Let’s just say it’s definitely going to bring a big shift into the show’s dynamic.

What drew you to the role of David?

I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi fi and fantasy growing up. Resident Alien was the first time that I read something that was a mix of sci-fi with really good comedic writing, so I felt it was a part I just had to do if I was given the chance.

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Coming from past hit series like Man in the High Castle, Riverdale, and The 100, how does working on Resident Alien compare?

It’s by far the most intimidating project I’ve worked on just in terms of how amazing the cast is. I got to watch the pilot after we started shooting the rest of the season, and when I saw the cast in action I was really floored. Alan [Tudyk] obviously is a genius and when you see them all bring that to the table, you feel like you need to bring the heat as well. I very much wanted to live up to the challenge and the task of portraying David Logan and doing the show justice.


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Looking ahead, what’s next for your character David?

For right now, it’s hoping we get renewed so we can do some more work!

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