WWE Queen Charlotte Flair on Her ‘Punky Brewster’ Guest Spot

Punky Brewster - Charlotte Flair
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Two of the things WWE‘s Charlotte Flair grew up watching were her legendary pro wrestling father Ric Flair and Punky Brewster. Fast forward years later, she now finds herself “The Queen” of WWE with a guest appearance on the Peacock Punky Brewster revival. Funny how life works out.

Flair is joined by fellow women’s champion Alexa Bliss in the sixth episode of the season, “The Look of Daniel,” where Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) takes youngster Izzy (Quinn Copeland) to meet some of her favorite WWE superstars. The accomplished performer chats about the appearance with TV Insider below and reminisces about her own childhood idols and what she is doing on Raw weeks away from April’s WrestleMania.

You and Alexa have a fight scene in the episode. How does being on a set compare to the ring?

Charlotte Flair: It’s completely different. I wouldn’t call what we did wrestling, but it was enough to show two people fighting. This was also more about making sure the camera angles were right. We moved a lot less and tried to dance and play to one particular side.

Punky Brewster - Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair

Tyler Golden/Peacock

Who inspired you when you were growing up?

My dad was my hero. I also loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was obsessed, but I didn’t say, “I want to be Buffy and slay vampires.” Buffy was just a character I really liked.

I also loved Serena and Venus Williams because they were these strong, dominant, powerful athletes that can still be presented as sexy on their magazine covers. I played volleyball, so I loved Gabrielle Reece. I thought she was so beautiful. I remember my mom and dad taking me to a Dominique Moceanu signing when I was young and thought that was the best thing ever. It made me want to be the best because gymnastics was my first love. I kept that feeling to be the best with me.

As a Buffy fan, how was it being on the Punky set alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. (Travis), whose wife [Sarah Michelle Gellar] was Buffy?

When I met him for the first time for his podcast, I was super embarrassed and major fangirling because I loved She’s All That. He drove a yellow Defender in it — and all I wanted for my sixteenth birthday was a yellow Defender. My entire teenage years were based on getting a car like Freddie Prinze Jr. Knowing his wife was Buffy, life has come full circle. I would fangirl more if I met his wife, but I’m not usually like that.

You and your dad shared an incredibly emotional segment on the February 22 episode of Raw.

I loved the back-and-forth because originally it wasn’t supposed to be that way. My dad comes from an era where he can cut a promo and not have to memorize things. I’m so in the zone right now where for the first time in my career I’m comfortable to ad lib out there. I’m an emotional person as it is, so trying to channel certain things that have frustrated me was very easy. I was never expecting to be back on screen with my dad in 2021 and have him across the ring from me [supporting someone else]. So I was able to bring out certain emotions.

Fans  seem to want your real-life fiancé and fellow superstar Andrade added to the mix. How do you feel about working with him in front of the camera?

I’ve actually pitched that. I would be very much open to that. I’ve done a lot in my career, but nobody has seen me in an on-cam relationship, or in that light. I can come across cold on TV.

Even queens need love too, though.


Your WrestleMania opponent last year, Rhea Ripley, is making the move from NXT to Raw. What are your thoughts about reigniting that rivalry?

She’s ready. She’s awesome and knows she is. Her vignettes are great, and when it’s time for her to make that impact, it’s going to be awesome.

Charlotte Flair


What does it mean for you to see an emerging talent like Bianca Belair win the Royal Rumble and now head into WrestleMania in a main event slot? A trail you helped blaze when it comes to having these opportunities for women.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve always done my best work under pressure. She’s under an immense amount of pressure, and I have no doubt she is going to succeed and overdeliver. It’s going to be exciting to watch.

Who would you like to face at WrestleMania this year?

My dream scenario is just stealing the show. It’s WrestleMania. My favorite show of the year. No matter who it’s against.

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