Negan’s Top 6 One-Liners on ‘The Walking Dead’ (aka: Yeah, He Went There)

Jace Downs/AMC
Jace Downs/AMC

Starting with Season 7, when Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) first made the scene on The Walking Dead, we’ve hated him, felt bad for him, been impressed with him, and even kind of grew to love him.

But even the days we wanted to whack the leader of the villainous Saviors with his own barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, it’s been clear the dude knows how to deliver a hilarious one-liner. Here, Negan’s top 6 jaw-dropping quotes. Warning: He likes his expletives.

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Season 7: ‘Holy crap! You are creepy as s**t!’

Negan’s not easily frightened, but the sight of Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in Episode 4, and the smile on his face as he stood outside the church in Alexandria, was enough to startle the leader of the Saviors.

Walking Dead


Season 7: ‘You did have guts! I’ve never been so wrong in my whole life’

You might not remember much about Spencer Monroe (Austin Nichols), but you remember how he died in Episode 8. While Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) away, Negan stops by Alexandria and he and Spencer have a game of pool, during which he suggests that Negan kill Rick. Negan takes offense and tells Spencer he has “no guts,” then disembowels him…and after he dies, Negan delivers this lovely assessment of his character.

Season 8: ‘I hope you got your sh***in’ pants on, because you are about to s**t your pants.’

Trapped in a trailer outside the Saviors’ compound, surrounded by walkers on all sides and (as far as he knew) alone, Father Gabriel certainly didn’t expect to find Negan stuck with him in this tense scene fromEpisode 1.

Walking Dead Negan


Season 9: ‘That is a very mature attitude, ‘Father Not the Father.’’

After his time in Alexandria’s jail, Negan’s a little more subdued, but he still knows how to get under people’s skin. In Episode 16 he pokes fun at Gabriel’s tranquility in the face of learning that his girlfriend, Rosita (Christian Serratos), is not pregnant with his child — Siddiq (Avi Nash) is the father. Hence, “Father Not the Father.”



Season 10: ‘Does this mean I’ve graduated to the next level of kinky Whisperer s**t?’

This question in Episode 11 was asked after he, uh, did the deed with Alpha (Samantha Morton).

Season 10: ‘I am at your service, Frowny McTwoknives.’

The lack of love lost between Negan and Beta (Ryan Hurst) produced some great moments in the comics, given that the latter rarely talks and the former never stops talking. So, it was awesome that Negan’s original nickname for the hulking Whisperer second-in-command translated to screen in Episode 12.

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