‘American Idol’ Week 2 Auditions: The Olayan Sibs, Chayce Bekham & More Must-See Performances (VIDEO)

Olayan siblings american idol
ABC/John Fleenor

American Idol‘s Season 19 competition is continuing to take shape as Week 2 of auditions welcomed new hopefuls to the spotlight.

Over the course of the evening, singers from around California and elsewhere joined the judges — Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan — in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ojai for some truly show-stopping moments. From gifted siblings to singers with tales that inspire, don’t miss these top 6 performances.

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Liahona & Ammon Olayan Sing ‘Listen to My Heart’

Siblings Liahona (16) and Ammon (17) traveled all the way from Hawaii for their audition, sharing a heartwarming story of humble beginnings on the Big Island. The duo impressed with their original tune.

Ace Stiles Wows With ‘Addiction’

This promising young performer, 16, took an opportunity to share their journey as a trans person and how it has helped them find their voice and self. This singer also sings an original, proving the talent goes beyond their voice. It’s a heartbreaking audition that shows despite Stiles not moving forward on the competition, they’re someone to keep a close eye on.

Amanda Mena Performs ‘Golden Slumbers’

Hailing from Boston, this 18-year-old hopeful turns to the Beatles for her audition tune, blowing the judges away with her powerful voice. Just how blown away? Let’s just say the judges are left speechless.

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Casey Bishop Sings ‘Live Wire’

In a turn the judges aren’t expecting, this 15-year-old singer shocks with a rock performance of the Motley Crue tune. Bishop also reveal that she doesn’t usually perform in front of crowds, which surprises everyone.

Willie Spence Performs ‘Diamonds’

Originally from Georgia, this 21-year-old caretaker knows how to hold the attention of his audience, especially when it comes to the judges. The pros show complete awe over Spence’s rendition of Rihanna’s song.

Chayce Beckham Belts Out ‘What Brings Life Also Kills’

While this 24-year-old hopeful tells us he’s been down on his luck lately, that wasn’t the case during his audition. Performing a tune by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few, Chayce wins the judges and many American viewers over with an audition that’s definitely worth checking out.

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