‘This Is Us’ Baby Boom: Will Kevin & Rebecca Miss Out on the Births? (VIDEO)

this is us season 5 caitlin thompson

When This Is Us returned on February 9, fans were left with a classic cliffhanger as Kevin (Justin Hartley), racing home in order to be there for the birth of his twins, was stuck at the Seattle airport’s TSA checkpoint without his ID. And that’s not all the baby news: Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) birth mother Ellie (Annie Funke) in labor, and mom Rebecca (Mandy Moore) doesn’t want to miss out on either event.

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“I should be with them, I’m supposed to be with them,” Rebecca laments to husband Miguel (Jon Huertas) in this NBC promo for Episode 8, below, as the pair continue to bunker down at the Pearson family cabin in Pennsylvania, away from the two West Coast dwelling kids.

Will Kevin make it on time to be with Madison (Caitlin Thompson)? Will join her kids in California, or will COVID-19 continue to keep her and Miguel where they are? Tune in February 16 to find out.

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