What’s Micki Hiding on ‘Walker’? Plus, Lindsey Morgan on Her Character’s Emotional Walls (VIDEO)

Walker rides into town tonight with a new episode and it looks like Cord (Jared Padalecki) is finally about to crack one of the show’s main mysteries: Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan).

Since being partnered in the pilot, these two Texas Rangers have been sussing one another out while chasing down bad guys and trying to handle Walker’s sundry family issues. But so far, we have only learned bits and pieces of Micki’s past. She definitely got into trouble when she was younger, can put back the booze like a champ and actually has a life outside of the job. She’s also highly guarded and that is driving Cord nuts.

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In tonight’s hour, “Don’t Fence Me In,” Walker gets a few more clues to his pioneering new colleague when they cross paths with her former Austin P.D. crew. And while one tidbit—her middle name is Florian—may be a tad mundane, the discovery that her old coworkers call her “Muskrat” could help these two strengthen the entertaining brother-sister bond that Morgan credits to a combo of behind-the-scenes forces.

“I think it’s great. I mean, so much of that is Anna [Fricke, the reboot’s creator] and this brilliant writing team, they make it so easy,” she raves. “And I’d say the other 50% is Jared. Just talking to Jared, he’s hilarious, as you know. So that’s just innately in him and he has such a strong sense of play. Every time we’re working together, I just think we naturally have that. I mean, he brings it out in me completely, I want to just play and have fun and dish it out just as much as I’m getting it.”

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(Rebecca Brenneman/The CW)

On the more serious side, however, Morgan agrees that Micki has put up walls around herself to survive in a field where she is the rare female. “We are generally [seen as] more emotional and just because we’re strong, it doesn’t mean we’re without our emotions,” she notes. “I think it’s important for the audience to see how she handles them, processes and resets, because that line of work, it’s a lot to go through. So I love that Anna has made Mickey’s life very honest to what people in her line of work would go through.”

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