‘Married at First Sight’ Sneak Peek: Vincent & Briana Are Loving Their Las Vegas Honeymoon (VIDEO)

Married at First Sight is only a few episodes into its 12th season and already the drama is sky high. (Just wait until the next episode.) But one couple is keeping calm, cool, and collected. Guess it’s easier when you’re falling love.

Vincent and Briana had an immediate connection at the altar, and in this exclusive first look, above, at the February 10 episode, it appears their Las Vegas honeymoon, after a close call, is also going well.

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Luckily, Vincent’s grandmother, who was believed to have had a heart attack, is OK, and Vincent could stay put to keep alive the romance with with Briana.

Be sure to watch the pair express their mutual desire to make the marriage work, and in general look adorably smitten. “I’m thoroughly enjoying spending time with you,” Vincent tells his new bride. “I love being around you.”

Married at First Sight Season 12 Vincent


Briana, in a testimonial, says Vincent’s “exceeded” her expectations for a husband. It’s not shocking to learn they’d consummated their marriage the night before and that they seem to be a match there, as well. As a smiling Briana tells the camera about getting intimate, “I’m feeling really good about it!”

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