‘Prodigal Son’s Ainsley Returns to Etiquette School in Her Search for a Killer (VIDEO)

What better place for a killer to go than…etiquette school?

Well, it makes sense if the killer is responsible for the so-called “Debutante Slayings.” And it’s why Ainsley Whitly (Halston Sage) and her brother, Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), in the February 9 episode of Prodigal Son, visits Windsor, the etiquette school that Whitly once attended, and which is run by Sarah Windsor (guest star Kate Burton).

But will the reporter or the NYPD, in an episode called “Bad Manners,” crack this case first? TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek that gives some hints of what’s to come.

In the clip, Malcolm says Windsor and places like it “remind me of the people who cut us off after Dad’s arrest.” (That’s the downside of having a serial killer for a father.) “Etiquette doesn’t mean anything, Ains. All it does it cover up the truth.”

Sarah, who overhears while coming down a staircase, disagrees. “Good manners hold society together,” she says.

Ainsley rushes to introduce her brother: “Please, allow me to introduce my brother, Malcolm—”

“Bright,” he quickly adds before getting into why he’s there: the murders.

Watch the clip above to see Malcolm trying to persuade Sarah to hand over class lists for the investigation, Ainsley’s reaction to the outcome, and more.

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 5 Kate Burton Sarah Windsor

(Phil Caruso/FOX)

Also in Tuesday’s episode, Martin (Michael Sheen) may be thrilled to see Ainsley’s passion in the field, but Jessica (Bellamy Young), fresh off learning their daughter’s also a killer, thinks they should take a vacation. Plus, JT (Frank Harts) must decide if he’ll file an official complaint against the cop who discriminated against him.

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