On ‘SNL’ Parody, Stars Sing Their Own TV Show Theme Songs (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live Chloe Fineman
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Saturday Night Live, taking a good-humored — and successful — crack at Nicole Kidman performing The Undoing‘s theme song, “Dream a Little Dream” (with added lyrics like, “Did you notice my coat?”) imagined what other stars might sound like singing to their shows’ opening credits.

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The comedian is set to host the program for a fourth time.

On the January 30th episode, hosted by John Krasinski, cast members did some pretty sharp impersonations while adding lyrics to some famously lyric-less opening theme music.

Doubling as a fake promo for the album, Now That’s What I Call Theme Songs Sung by Stars of the Show, first up is Netflix’s hit limited series The Queen’s Gambit, performed by Anya Taylor-Joy (played by Melissa Villaseñor) with lyrics about chess and drugs, and drugs, and drugs (“Now when you see people playing chess, you’ll know they’re on drugs”).

Other pairings include Stranger Things by David Harbour‘s Jim Hopper (Beck Bennett) and Julie Andrews (Cecily Strong) singing about Bridgerton (sample: “Why do these opening credits look like a screen saver from the ’90s”).

But the funniest is Kim Cattrall‘s (Chloe Fineman) theme for Sex and the City‘s upcoming revival, which won’t feature the actress’s character Samantha Jones “(It’s Sex and the City without the sex? I hope you enjoy the city.”)

Catch the spoofs — including a Mandalorian theme by Baby Yoda, and Krasinski’s version of The Office‘s opening music — in the video below.

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