‘The Pembrokeshire Murders’ & More Series Based on True Stories to Watch on BritBox

Luke Evans The Pembrokeshire Murders Steve Wilkins

With two seasons of solving turn-of-the century crimes on TNT’s The Alienist under his belt, Luke Evans is out to catch another killer.

On The Pembrokeshire Murders, the actor (above) plays Steve Wilkins, a Welsh detective who reopens a pair of decades-old cold cases. In 2006, he connects the dots between two separate double murders that occurred in the 1980s, linking them to a man serving time for burglary.

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We enjoy villains as long as there are brilliant minds to stop them.

Based on actual events, the three-part series goes beyond how Wilkins and his team brought murderer John Cooper (Keith Allen) to justice. Writer Nick Stevens was particularly interested in the way Cooper falsely implicated his own son Andrew (Oliver Ryan) in the horrific crimes.

“Steve Wilkins was disgusted by this strategy, as any parent would be,” says Stevens, who met with the real Andrew.

Evans adds that he was drawn to the way the story is told. “There’s a real journey of many characters who are broken, damaged, fighting for what’s right and fighting for a voice,” he says. “It’s really powerful.”

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The Pembrokeshire Murders, Tuesday, February 2, BritBox