‘Nurses’ Sneak Peek: How Does Grace React When Dr. Hamilton Corners Her? (VIDEO)

Work is about to get very tough for nurse Grace Knight (Tiera Skovbye).

In TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the January 12 episode of the Canadian import Nurses, “Chrysalis,” Grace must contend with the fact that the surgeon who assaulted her at her old job is now overseeing operations at St. Mary’s hospital — and then he corners her.

“Is that you?” Dr. Hamilton (Peter Stebbings) asks as he comes up behind her and asks how she is. “Fine, I’m fine,” she says.

“I just wanted to check in,” he explains, calling what happened “a shame. … But everybody makes mistakes. It’s just the luck of the draw if they go unnoticed or not. You were unlucky.”

Watch the clip above to see what else he has to say and how Grace reacts (or rather doesn’t react).

In addition to dealing with that unwanted arrival from the new CEO, Grace must deal with mediating between a patient’s partner and son. Elsewhere in the episode, Naz (Sandy Sidhu) and Keon (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) run interference for Ashley (Natasha Calis) and Wolf (Donald MacLean Jr.) to try to keep them out of trouble.

Peter Stebbings Nurses Dr Hamilton

(Ken Woroner/eOne/NBC)

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