‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White on Why the Show Makes Her Cry

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Vanna White Pat Sajak
ABC/Christopher Willard

It took nearly 38 years for the beloved syndicated game show, Wheel of Fortune, to go primetime with celebrities spinning the iconic wheel for charity — and now we don’t want the feel-good fun to stop.

Neither does longtime letter-turner Vanna White who admits she got starstruck meeting The Bachelor host Chris Harrison in particular, and emotional in general: “When I’d see the amounts [they’re winning] for their charity, it is so heartwarming, you can’t help but tear up.”

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Let's just say the former 'Extra' host is very excited to be on the show.

Having four million-dollar wedges on the all-cash wheel certainly feeds the excitement, as does the playful trash-talking among the contestants: “You see a little tension,” White says, laughing. “It’s like, ‘Wait. How’d you get that? I should be getting that!'”

She’s also enjoying having her own mic — another show first — and joining the game chatter. “The celebrities are able to say, ‘Vanna, why wasn’t there an R?’ And I say, ‘I’m sorry!'”

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