‘The Sister’s Russell Tovey Previews the ‘Ridiculously Screwed Up’ Series

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Ambitious young Brit Nathan (Russell Tovey, above left) has a beautiful home, a beautiful wife…and one terrible secret: Ten years ago, he met a woman (Simone Ashley) at a New Year’s Eve party, played a role in her accidental death, and frantically covered it up. Racked with guilt, he later sought out her sister Holly (Amrita Acharia), whom he befriended — then wed.

As the years went by, Holly never learned about her husband’s connection to the beloved sister she still mourns. “For Nathan, if he can make sure Holly’s happy, it’s kind of like he’s able to forgive himself,” says The Sister‘s Tovey, who acknowledges that the situation is “ridiculously screwed up.”

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A restless vicar, an erudite detective, gorgeous sets — what else do you need on cold winter nights?

It’s about to get worse. One night, Bob (Bertie Carvel), a sleazy acquaintance who helped hide the body a decade earlier, shows up on Nathan’s doorstep. Bob claims the dead woman is haunting him and suggests he may reveal the truth about that fateful night. “He threatens to take away everything Nathan has put in place,” says Tovey.

Whether it’s really a ghost back for revenge or just guilt taking its toll, Nathan’s life begins to unravel on this four-episode thriller. “Audiences are going to be conflicted,” Tovey says, “because you are hoping for the best for a character that is flawed and should be punished. But you want him to survive. You care for him.”

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The Sister, Friday, January 22, Hulu