Emmys 2016: Viewers React to the Best and Worst Moments

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Richard Dreyfuss
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Richard Dreyfuss (right) had to tell people he was still alive when he was confused with Julia Louis-Dreyfus' late father.

The Emmys are television’s biggest night, but long after the final statuette was given out Sunday night, people were still talking about the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to the Jimmy Kimmel-hosted shindig. Below are some of the biggest reactions to last night’s event according to Twitter and Instagram.

1. The Emmys couldn’t spell Kit Harington’s name.

Yo! He’s ALIVE!!!!! #Emmys

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He may be alive, but the Academy could not spell the Jon Snow actor’s name correct, spelling it with two r’s instead if one. And Twitter had a field day…

2. The audience and more were not fans of that Bill Cosby joke.

These two are goals. #Emmys2016 CONGRATS TINA FEY & AMY POEHLER ON YOUR EMMYS!!! ❤️

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If Tina Fey’s reaction was any indication, Kimmel’s Bill Cosby fake-out was the controversial moment of the evening. After Cosby’s name was announced, the audience had an array of faces on, and most were not pleased. Relief replaced the worry when they realized it was just a joke.

3. Richard Dreyfuss is not Julia-Louis Dreyfus’ father.

Just happy & grateful & happy.@veepHBO @davidhmandel @lew.morton

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus may have stole the evening with her emotional speech, revealing the death of her father this past week, but it stirred some serious confusion. People thought that Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss had passed away. Of course, Dreyfuss is not JLD’s father (they’re only 14 years apart in age, the last names are different, and a whole bunch of other easily-researched reasons). People were so concerned that the actor reached out through Twitter to reassure people of his lively state.

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4. Kiefer Sutherland couldn’t pronounce Tatiana Maslany’s name.

A moment of happiness #Orphanblack #cloneclub #clones #tatianamaslany #emmys2016 #award #leadactressindramaseries #tatmas #projectleda #sestras #bestnight #bbcamerica #spacechannel #tatianawon #Orphanblacktv

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Tatiana Maslany won gold for her roles on Orphan Black, but the moment was somewhat sullied by the mispronunciation of her name by Kiefer Sutherland. As he read nominees there were no blunders, but when he read her name as the winner, Sutherland became tongue tied.

5. People were missing from the In Memoriam.

#emmys i love my team!! had so much fun tonight. such an honor. xo

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There is no denying that any In Memoriam segment makes us feel sentimental. Last night Tori Kelly sang “Hallelujah” alongside a montage of individuals who were gone too soon, but it is the people missing from that montage that has everyone talking.

Shocked by omission of my client, Pat Harrington Jr. from the “In Memoriam” section of the Emmys tonight. Emmy winner with a 60 year working career in Television. Shameful! #emmys

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6. The kids from Stranger Things passed out Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

Got the custom made Tux by @eadenmyles Got the bowtie from @deeworldsbest got these amazing shoes from @stevemadden and my stylist @spryleescott #StyledBySpry#Emmys

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Let’s face it, these kids pretty much steal any show they’re a part of, but when they passed out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the audience everyone melted. Riding bikes up and down the aisles, the kid crew were dressed as their characters to give the sandwiched made by Jimmy Kimmel’s mom out with personalized letters.