‘Baby Chimp Rescue’ Finale Sneak Peek: A Taste of Forest Life (VIDEO)

BBC America’s Baby Chimp Rescue might be coming to an end, but it’s just the beginning for the young animals as they prepare to enter the next phase of their lives.

The three-part series will come to an end on Saturday, December 19 with spouses Jenny and Jim Desmond preparing their orphaned chimpanzees for forest life, and we have your exclusive first look. Now housing 38 rescued baby chimps, the couple’s home in Liberia is growing too small for their expanding family.

As the chimps grow, the Desmonds plan to release the animals into a protected sanctuary where they’ll be safe from the harm their families have faced. The Desmonds have been doing their best to teach the babies how to be chimps in the wild, but this new adventure to the forest is a big step they’ll have to someday master.

Taking five of the chimps to visit their future home, the Desmonds are determined to do right by their rescues. “Forest, forest, we’re going to the forest,” Jenny chants as a few of the chimps hold onto her getting out of the car in the clip, above.

Baby Chimp Rescue BBC America

(Credit: Courtesy of BBC America)

“Since they left the forest, this is gonna be the first time they’re going back to a real forest,” Jim explains as the little pack of chimps and conservationists venture into the trees. Will the new environment be well-received by the baby chimps? Check out the clip and don’t miss Baby Chimp Rescue‘s finale on BBC America.

Baby Chimp Rescue, Season finale, Saturday, December 19, 8/7c, BBC America