HBO Sets Premiere for Next ‘Euphoria’ Special, Hunter Schafer to Co-Write & Co-Produce

Euphoria Hunter Schafer Zendaya
Eddy Chen/HBO

After delivering a Rue (Zendaya)-focused episode of Euphoria this December, HBO is setting a premiere date for its second special.

The installment, titled “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not A Seablob,” will arrive next year on Sunday, January 24. Directed by series creator and writer Sam Levinson, the Jules-centric episode will be co-produced and co-written by Jules actor Hunter Schafer.

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Similar to the first special episode, the latest entry will be set over the Christmas holiday as Jules reflects on her year. Along with announcing a premiere date, HBO also unveiled a poster for the episode featuring Schafer’s character as she drapes herself in seaweed.

While Schafer’s Jules does appear in the latest episode, we’re sure there’s more to see and learn regarding her story, as most of the first special involved a conversation between Rue and Colman Domingo’s Ali in a diner.

Euphoria Hunter Schafer HBO

(Credit: HBO)

Produced under COVID-19 guidelines, the special isn’t part of Euphoria‘s forthcoming season, which has already been ordered by HBO. Stay tuned for additional details as the upcoming premiere approaches.

Euphoria, “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob,” Premieres Sunday, January 24, 2021, 9/8c, HBO