8 Cutest Baby Yoda Moments in ‘The Mandalorian’ (VIDEO)

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The coronavirus. Quarantining. Social distancing. This has been a very bad year. Is there a better antidote than Baby Yoda? (Well, maybe, but “The Child” has got to be somewhere near the top of 2020’s list.) The cutest creature in all of Star Wars is back on the screen in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, and whether he’s stealing snacks using the Force or having fun while Mando engages in a life-or-death aerial dogfight, he’s adorable no matter how heavy things get.

Here, the best 8 Baby Yoda moments to put a smile on your face.

Snack Time

It would seem The Child has a taste for frogs. (This scene also foreshadowed the somewhat less adorable moment when he snacked on Frog Lady’s eggs.)

Soup Sip

There’s a good reason this became a meme: Two people fighting to the death is the kind of tension that could use some dramatic slurping.

Wiring Disaster

The blue wire goes where the red wire goes and the red wire goes where the blue wires goes and…yeah, we’d electrocute ourselves, too. Luckily, he remains pretty much unscathed, and it’s an “awww” kind of moment.

Sweet Talk

Baby Yoda’s disappointment at being told to stay and wait ends up, naturally, with him getting his way.

Magic-Hand Thing

Baby Yoda using the Force to swipe cookies from someone not willing to share could be the cutest moment of all. Hey, he asked nicely first!

Bath Time

If you were mildly disturbed by his consumption of Frog Lady’s eggs, this scene, where he learns more about the creatures that hatch from them, likely set your mind at ease.

The Hug

This moment was long overdue when it arrived at the end of Season 1. HE LOVES DIN DJARIN SO MUCH.

New Toy

“Stop touching things!” turns into “Mando unscrews the ball from the top of the lever to give Baby Yoda a new toy” super quickly. Bonus: His little ears hiking up.

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