‘Station 19’ Season 4 Episode 2: Eye of the Tiger (RECAP)

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 2 Maya Jack

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 2 of Station 19, “Wild World.”]

It’s the the thrill of the fight…it’s a wild cat on the loose in Shondaland Seattle? All in a day’s work for the firefighters of Station 19 in Season 4, Episode 2 — a.k.a. November 19’s “Wild World.”

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'Station 19' EP Answers Season 4's Burning Relationship Questions

Executive producer Paris Barclay also previews what's next now that Andy knows her mother is alive.

As the episode starts, Ben (Jason George) and Travis (Jay Hayden) answer a call and find an older woman, Yvonne, bleeding out from deep chest wounds and calling for someone named Lorelei. As the firefighters try to get a handle on the situation, Travis realizes there’s huge chunks of meat in the kitchen and oversized pet toys in the backyard. He asks Yvonne if she keeps exotic animals, and she says that Lorelei is her pet Bengal tiger. As the other firefighters warn nearby residents about a deadly animal roaming around the neighborhood, Ben and Travis take Yvonne to the hospital, but she dies en route.

Once he and Travis arrive at Grey Sloan, Ben finds Carina (Stefania Spampinato) breaking down in the ambulance bay, upset about losing another mother to COVID-19. She can’t handle the constant misery, and she can’t handle being apart from Maya (Danielle Savre). Ben asks why Carina and Maya are quarantining from each other, and Carina says they’re following his and Bailey’s lead. But Ben tells her not to. “You and Maya don’t have kids, or a heart condition, or OCD,” Ben says, listing all the barriers to him and Bailey cohabitating during COVID times. “Go get your girl,” he adds.

And that’s just what Carina does, showing up at Station 19 and surprising Maya, who immediately asks her if they can quarantine together. “Quarantining is basically just moving in together,” she says. “I’m hoping that me asking you to move in with me is a sign that I’m all the way in.”

Carina reveals she came to the station to ask Maya the same question, and she says she brought COVID-19 tests for them to take. “How do you make even nasal swabbing sound sexy?” Maya asks.

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Travis, meanwhile, is still stewing about Yvonne secretly keeping a wild animal in her house…and Ben finally realizes that he’s speaking metaphorically. (“It’s never about the actual tiger with me, Warren,” Travis says. “That’s rule number one.”) Yep, Travis is still reeling from his discovery that his dad is using a gay dating app — or, “letting his tiger roar,” as Ben quips.

Vic (Barrett Doss) is still upset with Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) for kicking her out of his house and abandoning their friendship, especially after she finds out that he broke up with Sasha. “I thought we were family,” she says in this episode. While on patrol with Maya, Dean expresses frustration that he wasn’t more clear with Vic when she moved in. And at the station with Jack (Grey Damon), Dean says he couldn’t keep living with Vic, he can’t tell her why he kicked her out, and he can’t tell her why he broke up with Sasha. Then Dean gets…saved by the tiger?

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You see, just then, Lorelei wanders into the “barn” of the station, coming face to face with Vic. Vic freezes, realizing that the tiger can easily outrun her. But Dean distracts the kitty with a big slab of meat, granting Vic a chance to escape. And there’s a closed door separating her from Lorelei, Vic hugs Dean, social distancing be damned. “I got you, Hughie,” Dean says. “I got you.”

From behind the glass window of the reception area, the team marvel at the tiger and even FaceTimes the view to their friends and family members until animal control shows up.

Andy misses all the drama, though: She has the day off, and she uses the free time have a picnic with her Aunt Sandra, her Uncle Johnny, and their daughter Michelle. Andy and Robert are still separated for the sake of his sobriety, and Robert spends the day talking about the steps of recovery with Grey’s Anatomy’s Richard (James Pickens Jr.) after Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) tells him that she can’t be his sponsor.

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Anyway, Andy’s relatives said that they cut ties after Pruitt faked Andy’s mom’s death — “We didn’t agree with how Pruitt handled my sister’s horrible decisions, but we had to honor his wishes,” Sandra says — but Michelle remembers a time when she was young when she let slip that she saw Andy’s mom alive. Andy remembers that moment, and she remembers how her father cut off that side of the family afterward, and as she takes a trip down memory lane, she remembers being a young girl hanging out at Station 19. which gives us viewers a glimpse of young Pruitt, looking very… CGI? (Maybe the Station 19 crew used up all of this week’s VFX budget on that darn cat.)

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