Which ‘FTWD’ Couples Will Survive Intact Until the End?

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Ryan Green/AMC

Love is in the air on Fear The Walking Dead…but is the air toxic?

For being a Walking Dead-universe program, Fear has an unusually high number of couples right now. Currently, there are five of them — and if we’ve learned anything from the main show, it’s that when there’s this much romance going on, at least one of the couples in question is probably doomed. Can’t have everyone being too happy!

We break down which couples are likely to survive, and which romances might go the way of walkers.


Morgan & Grace

It took Morgan (Lennie James) six years and a trip to Texas, but he eventually found love again…only to have it ripped away from him, in classic Walking Dead fashion. Grace (Karen David) is pregnant and probably alive, but that’s pretty much all Morgan knows considering his trip to find her was rudely interrupted by a pair of recklessly driving “the end is the beginning” folks.

Even though they’re separated right now, we bet Morgan and Grace will end up together by virtue of the fact that Morgan is the main character, and it’s unlikely the show would devote the time to killing off his love interest and then giving him another (and it really does seem like Grace was written to be his perfect other half). TWD hasn’t ended “Richonne,” and by that logic, we’re thinking it likely won’t end “Morgrace.”


John & June

One of two married couples on the show, John (Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman) seem destined to go the distance. They’re kind of this show’s Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan); they found each other after a long separation, they never give up on each other and they make each other better. All things considered, they’re pretty darn cute.

But sometimes, “pretty darn cute” can paint a target on a couple’s backs in the TWD-verse — after all, just look at what happened to Glenn and Maggie. There’s such a thing as being too happy on these shows and, lately, John and June have been getting just about everything they wanted. We’re predicting they’re due for a bit of strife, but hopefully not the death of one half of the couple; it’s hard to imagine either one of them ever finding love again.


Alicia & Wes

To say Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey)’s been unlucky in love would be a vast understatement. She lost her boyfriend, Matt, at the very start of the apocalypse (and gave herself a tattoo of the symbol he drew on her arm to remember him by). She lost her next kind-of boyfriend, Jake (Sam Underwood), when Nick (Frank Dillane) pushed him off of Troy (Daniel Sharman) to save the latter’s life— in doing so, he knocked Jake into the jaws of a walker. Last season, Alicia and Wes (Colby Holman) seemed to have a thing going, but will they ever be able to take that next step?

For Alicia’s sake, we hope she’s not doomed when it comes to love. The girl could use someone who really understands her, which Jake never really did, and Wes seems like a nice guy. But there’s every chance Ginny could throw a wrench into this relationship before it begins, and given that the two haven’t interacted for almost a half-season, there’s a possibility the storyline could just get dropped; stranger things have happened on FTWD. All things considered, we’re about 50-50 on whether these two are “endgame.”

Sherry & Dwight

The second of two married couples on Fear, these two make us nervous. Before “Honey,” we would’ve bet on them surviving and thriving, but now, things are a little (or a lot) more complicated. Sherry (Christine Evangelista) seems to care more about the revolution than her hubby, and Dwight (Austin Amelio) seems confused as to when he lost his wife to the rather vengeful woman she is now. The heartbreaking thing is, they’re both justified: Sherry wants to make sure there’s no Walmart-brand Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) making life awful for everyone, and Dwight just wants to make sure the woman he loves is still herself once the war is over.

Because of Sherry’s dedication to the cause — and the fact that her comics fate is pretty unpleasant — we could see these two not making it to the end. Here’s hoping they do, though: Sherry’s been Dwight’s motivation for so long that it’s hard to imagine him without her.

Althea & Isabelle

These two might be the opposite of John and June right now, considering the closest they’ve been able to get to each other was exchanging cryptic pleasantries from hundreds of feet away. That said, Althea (Maggie Grace) seems like she’s far from done with digging into CRM, so they at least might reunite somehow, someday.

But even then, one kiss does not a happy relationship make. Al and Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) don’t know each other all that well, and it’s hard to say whether they’d be able to build a lasting relationship with all that CRM secrecy. We’re betting for their relationship to work, either Isabelle has to leave CRM, or Al has to join — and neither option would be easy.

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