Farewell to ‘Supernatural’ Day 1: Your Pick for Top Winchester Disguise Is…

Dean Winchester Gym Teacher Disguise Supernatural
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Hey there, SPN fans! Join us in our 15-day countdown to the series finale of Supernatural, featuring a look back with the cast (and guest stars!) at 15 seasons of demon-hunting and apocalypse-preventing, as well as exclusive content, sneak peeks, and more.

Earlier this month, we asked you to think back on your favorite Winchester undercover disguise and cast your vote. The winning pick has been selected and is announced below, and will also appear in TV Guide Magazine’s November 9 tribute to Supernatural, available on newsstands November 5.

Alright, SPN Family. Throughout 15 seasons of The CW’s demon-hunting series Supernatural, the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), have gone undercover plenty of times to bypass unsuspecting officers, doctors, and everyday folks in their quest for answers.

Earlier this month, we asked you to cast your vote for the best Winchester undercover disguise over the years, and your response did not disappoint. In a list of choices that included the boys’ classic FBI agent garb, and the underutilized priest look (below), there was one clear winner that took the poll by storm.

The fan-favorite undercover disguise that won was none other than Dean’s substitute gym teacher in Season 4, Episode 13, “After School Special.” The sweatband! The socks! Those shorts! We’re really not too surprised this was the clear winner among hundreds of votes cast.

Supernatural - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

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The January 2009 installment, if you don’t recall, involved the brothers going incognito at their old high school — Dean as the aforementioned dodgeball-loving gym teacher, and Sam as a janitor. This is mirrored by flashbacks showcasing older bro Dean’s (Brock Kelly) promiscuity and popularity, while little Sam (Colin Ford) goes up against a bully. Fun Fact: the high school in this episode was the same one used for Smallville‘s Smallville High School, another The WB/The CW series that Ackles was on.

As Dean enthusiastically “teaches” dodgeball to a group of students who apparently never played, viewers are also treated to a hilarious one-liner never to be forgotten. “The whistle makes me their god,” a thrilled Dean tells a less-than-enthused Sam. Check out the hilarious moment below:

Stay tuned for more Supernatural fun as TV Insider counts down to the November 19 series finale.

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