‘I Love Kellie Pickler’: Former ‘Idol’ Star on ‘Surprise Sundays’ and Having Her In-Laws Around

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Love. It’s exciting, if not new, for country singer Kellie Pickler and her husband of five years, songwriter Kyle Jacobs. And the pair are just as likely to bungee jump as share a piece of his mom’s homemade apple pie during the second season of their reality show, I Love Kellie Pickler. (Jacobs’s parents recently relocated from Minnesota to Nashville to be closer to the couple.) The former American Idol finalist lets us in on her Southern comforts.

What’s it like having your mother- and father-in-law around for Season 2?
We are so happy. They’re still adjusting to Nashville life, coming from the Midwest. The weather is so completely different—the humidity and the heat! My sister, Courtney, her husband and their little girl also show up when we shoot our episode of Celebrity Family Feud against Lance Bass’s family. Preparing for that was so much fun!

In the premiere, Kyle takes you on a “Surprise Sunday” date. When did that tradition begin?
It started back when I was touring a lot. I’d come home on a Sunday and he would have something special planned. Once we went up in a hot air balloon. In the premiere, he takes me bungee jumping.

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Were you frightened?
I was scared to death. There was just a little piece of dental floss keeping me from hitting the ground. There’s nothing comforting about that! If you look closely, the guy actually pushes me off the platform because I told him, “I’m not going to jump; you’re going to have to push me.” It’s crazy because I’ve been skydiving and was totally cool with it. I’d love to swim with sharks. I just want to do fun, crazy things like that. And I love that my husband is like, “Whoa, let’s do it!” He’s my adventure partner.

I Love Kellie Pickler, Thursday, September 1, 10/9c, CMT.