‘The Bachelorette’s Big Clare-Tayshia Twist to Air on a Special Night

Clare Crawley Tayshia Adams Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 4 Switch Promo

It looks like the next episode of The Bachelorette will finally focus on what everyone has been waiting for: Season 16’s big lead switchup, from Clare Crawley to Tayshia Adams. But fans are going to have to wait a little longer to see it.

Due to the presidential election, The Bachelorette will not be airing Tuesday, November 3, at 8/7c. Rather, Episode 4 of Clare’s journey will air on Thursday, November 5, at 8/7c. And it may very well be when we say goodbye to her.

With Clare soo obviously into Dale (she even called him her fiancé in the latest episode), “Chris Harrison pays [her] a visit and cautions her that her journey cannot continue on its current path, only to have her make a stunning revelation,” ABC teases. “A nervous Clare is about to embark on an unprecedented path to find her happy ending. Will she get her wish or will Dale, the man of her dreams, walk away? Will the other men be left with dashed hopes of a happily ever after with Clare?”

The network goes on to say that what will happen is a first for the franchise and “completely unprecedented.” The episode’s description also seems to confirm what has been rumored since before filming on the season even ended (Tayshia is stepping in as the new Bachelorette): Chris has “astonishing news [for] the remaining men — if they are willing to take a second chance at love, there’s a surprise waiting for them.”

In fact, the new promo for next week offers a glimpse at all of that, from Harrison speaking with Clare and both of them speaking with the guys to Tayshia replacing her. Watch it below.

The Bachelorette, Thursday, November 5, 8/7c, ABC