‘Beyond Oak Island’ Uncovers New Secrets in History Spinoff

Beyond Oak Island

Curiosity is a powerful motivator for brothers Rick and Marty Lagina. It led them to Nova Scotia, Canada, and their long-running treasure-hunting docuseries The Curse of Oak Island (Tuesdays, 9/8c). Now, it’s inspired the spinoff Beyond Oak Island, which gives them and their team the chance to meet with kindred spirits and consult on ongoing hunts elsewhere. The two preview what’s in store as they pull double duty.

'The Curse of Oak Island': Sneak Peek at Season 8's Discoveries (VIDEO)See Also

'The Curse of Oak Island': Sneak Peek at Season 8's Discoveries (VIDEO)

They're looking in new areas with new technologies and making new breakthroughs.

Off-Island Treks!

In Beyond‘s debut, the siblings send Oak Island researcher Matty Blake to East Texas in search of pirate Jean Lafitte’s sunken silver. The next week, metal-detector king Gary Drayton heads to Robbers Roost in Utah to help Butch Cassidy’s great-grandnephew look for gold. Later, Rick hits Florida for an update on the quest to find the French ship La Trinité. “We wanted to share what we had learned over the years, but it was [also] a bit selfish,” Rick says of the new series. “We were hoping to learn different technologies and ideas ourselves.”

More Great Storytelling

Historians and reenactments help tell the tales of the notorious figures who left these riches behind. “I realized a lot of our preconceived notions were wrong: Some of these villains might’ve been heroes, and some of these heroes might’ve been villains,” says Marty. “I mean, my knowledge of Zorro was what I saw from that campy old TV show, and it turns out it wasn’t quite accurate.”

Beyond Oak Island History

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Marty’s Change of Heart?

This season on Curse, finds in Oak Island’s boggy swamp make skeptic Marty regret saying Rick was “off his rocker.” And, he teases, something happens at the infamous Money Pit that prompts him to think the expensive dig they’re prepping “might just be worth it!”

Beyond Oak Island, Series Premiere, Tuesday, November 17, 10/9c, History