'Pretty Little Liars' Sets Series Finale, Sends Heads Rolling

pretty little liars

Our Pretty Little Liars have got a secret but can no longer keep it: This season is their last.

Executive Marlene King and the cast just announced on Facebook Live that Season 7 (which has its summer finale tomorrow night) will bring the series to an end with 10 episodes beginning in April of 2017. Much like the first half of Season 7, the concluding batch of episodes is set to bring back a slew of characters from Rosewood's bloody past and will feature a wedding of one of the Liars. In addition, the episodes are going to be followed by King's new series, Famous in Love, and the PLL series finale is scheduled to be a two-hour event that will most likely cripple Twitter beneath a flood of farewell posts, memes and cry-face emojis.

Premiering in the summer of 2010 back when Freeform was known as ABC Family, the series based on Sara Shepard's young-adult mystery books brought to life the dark world of teen mischief via Rosewood's Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell), four friends tormented by an unseen stalker who seemed to know all about their missing friend Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). Over the last six and half seasons, secret twins have turned up, romances have gone down in flames, masks have given us nightmares, countless #ships have become fan favorites and fashion has been on point even in the face of being locked in an oversized dollhouse. Now, following another summer of romantic betrayals, at least one possible homicide and the return of several familiar faces, things are at a fever pitch as Pretty Little Liars heads toward its midseason cliffhanger. Teases King: “Heads will roll in the summer finale.”

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Whether that is meant literally remains as mysterious as Uber A’s identity, but we do know that Aria and Co. are about to encounter a fatal twist in the quest to expose their latest tormentor. “There will be an epic death,” confirms King, adding that “a Liar goes rogue” after the pressure to put an end to Uber A’s reign of terror drives the group to its breaking point.

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It’s not all scares and secrets. Besties Spencer, Hanna and Emily have been plagued by relationship woes but, promises King of the hour that’s both action-packed and emotional, “there is a big romantic reunion.” Still, she warns, “You’ll be left wondering the fates of several lead characters.”

Suddenly, April 2017 feels like a million months away.

Pretty Little Liars, Midseason Finale, Tuesday, August 30, 8/7c, Freeform