‘L.A.’s Finest’ Canceled After 2 Seasons on Spectrum

Jessica Alba Gabrielle Union LAs Finest Season 2 Nancy Syd
Michael Moriatis/Spectrum

Syd Burnett and Nancy McKenna’s days of hunting down the bad guys for the LAPD are over.

Spectrum has canceled L.A.’s Finest, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as the aforementioned detectives, Deadline reports. Two seasons of the drama were released On Demand for Spectrum subscribers, and the second’s finale ended on a cliffhanger, with someone blowing up their car (as they were approaching it).

The series was set in the same universe as Jerry Bruckheimer’s Bad Boys franchise. It followed Syd, last seen in Miami taking down a drug cartel, as she partnered up with working mom Nancy, both with complicated histories as they took on Los Angeles’ most dangerous criminals.

While the first season dropped weekly in spring 2019, the second was made available all at once on September 9. It was initially supposed to debut on June 8, but it was delayed due to the protests against police brutality and racism after George Floyd’s death.

Season 1 is currently airing on Fox as part of its fall lineup; most of the network’s usual scripted programming will not be ready until 2021 due to productions being shut down and delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

L.A.’s Finest also starred Duane Martin (Ben Baines), Zach Gilford (Ben Walker), Ryan McPartlin (Patrick McKenna), Sophie Reynolds (Isabel “Izzy” McKenna), and Ernie Hudson (Joseph Vaughn).