‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Cast & EPs Tease a Road Trip, Love & Music in Season 3

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The stars and executive producers of FX’s What We Do in the Shadows dropped by New York Comic Con virtually to reflect on its most recent Emmy-nominated second season and tease some Season 3 surprises.

Executive producers Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson joined stars Harvey Guillen, Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, and Mark Proksch for a discussion about the moments they enjoyed most and what they’re sure fans will enjoy in the third season. The comedy revolves around the day-to-day lives of vampire roommates and the human “familiar” who tends to their needs.

During the chat, Nadja (Demetriou) and Laszlo’s (Berry) Season 2 musical numbers were mentioned, leading Simms to give a big tease when it comes to everyone’s favorite energy vampire. “If you enjoy the idea of Colin Robinson (Proksch) singing, you’re gonna be very happy,” said the executive producer. Star Proksch was astonished by this reveal as he added, “That’s news for me, too!”

There will also be some new creatures for the vamps to encounter as viewers have thus far seen the supernatural beings cross paths with witches, zombies, and ghosts. “I think we meet at least three to four new kinds of creatures,” Simms said before refusing to reveal specifics other than the fact that there will be a hell hound.

what we do in the shadows

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Berry tried to push for more information, asking, “[Are] there any aliens?” But the answer was a resounding no. “That feels too crazy for our show for some reason,” Robinson explained, hinting that not every creature fits in the Shadows world.

Demetriou asked if any Sesame Street Muppets would exist in the show’s universe, “Nadja would have great chats with Miss Piggy,” she said hopefully of her character. Though that didn’t spur any solid promises of Miss Piggy, Simms did reveal that “there is about three quarters of a page that has to do with Kermit the Frog, actually.”

From there, the floodgates opened and it was reveal after reveal for fans as the executive producers shared even more Season 3 tidbits. “I won’t say where they’re going, but there’s a whole episode where the vampires go on a road trip,” Simms unveiled.

“Someone’s having a birthday,” Robinson followed up, though she wouldn’t reveal the vamp’s identity. But Simms let it slip that it is a “big important birthday for Colin Robinson.” And while Berry pondered aloud, “Is he 60?” the executive producers made the most of everyone’s time by sharing two final details.

what we do in the shadows

(Credit: Russ Martin/FX)

“There is a sort of theme in this season of Nandor (Novak) looking for love because he’s been alone for such a long time,” said Simms. “And also, there’s some funny little ways that characters we’ve met along the way come back, and Shaun (Anthony Atamanuik) the next-door neighbor features prominently in one or two episodes in a very funny way.”

Most of the writing on Season 3 is complete, which means shooting should be able to begin as soon as it’s safe for the show to go back into production with coronavirus safety measures. Stay tuned for more details and don’t miss the first two seasons of Shadows, now streaming on FX on Hulu.

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