‘Ted Lasso’ Gets a Pep Talk About His ‘Lady Problems’ in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

In this week’s episode of Ted Lasso, the titular AFC Richmond coach is seeking advice from the team around him.

After signing the divorce docs from wife Michelle (Andrea Anders) and seemingly having a one-night-stand with boss Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) bestie Sassy (Ellie Taylor), Ted’s in a bit of a crisis. And in an exclusive sneak peek at the September 18 episode, “The Diamond Dogs,” he meets with his closest confidantes for some words of encouragement.

Those attempting to offer advice for Ted’s “lady problems”? Lasso’s right-hand man Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), Higgins (Jeremy Swift), and Nathan (Nick Mohammed). AFC Richmond vet Roy (Brett Goldstein) was also invited to the impromptu chat session, but the prickly player is quick to pass.

Ted Lasso Season 1

(Credit: Apple TV+)

“Ted, can I be honest with you?” Higgins starts.”You seem intent on going 12 rounds with yourself, why? What did you do wrong?”

The questions lead to some more truth-telling as Coach Beard and Nathan chime in with similar sentiments. Grateful fort he input, Ted searches for a name that fits this unlikely crew.

The name they choose also happens to be the title of this episode, “The Diamond Dogs.” See how the whole scene unfolds and expect more from “The Diamond Dogs” by tuning into this week’s episode of Ted Lasso.

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