‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’ Gives Victim Shanann Watts a Voice

American Murder the Family Next Door
Courtesy of Netflix

American Murder: The Family Next Door is a true-crime documentary unlike any you’ve ever seen.

The 2018 disappearance of Colorado mom Shanann Watts and her two daughters made headlines, but kept largely from public view were home videos that the 34-year-old posted on social media — and the bodycam footage that police recorded as they pursued what became a murder investigation.

American Murder the Family Next Door Netflix

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Director Jenny Popplewell’s film consists almost entirely of this footage, as well as Watts’ own text messages and video of police interrogations. At the center of the film is Watts’ husband, Chris, the prime suspect.

But Popplewell wanted to give the victim a voice as well. “We understand the lead-up to the tragedy from her perspective,” Popplewell explains. “It’s her turn to tell her story.”

American Murder: The Family Next DoorDocumentary Premiere, Wednesday, Sept. 30, Netflix