‘AGT’s Live Shows: Watch the Final 11 Acts Perform in Week 4 (VIDEO)

America's Got Talent Season 15 Live Shows Week 4 Performances
NBC (2); Chris Haston/NBC

It’s the last week of live shows of America’s Got Talent Season 15, with the final 11 acts performing in hopes of winning over viewers.

With Simon Cowell still recovering from back surgery, it’s only Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara as judges. Alongside host Terry Crews, they watch as the next batch of performers compete, from Universal Studios Hollywood and other locations (including Texas and Romania), for America’s vote to join the 15 acts already sent through to the semifinals.

Their fates are now in the hands of the viewers, who can vote (until 7am ET) at NBC.com/AGTVote, via the “AGT” App, and by saying “vote for AGT” into the Xfinity X1 voice remote. Results will be revealed Wednesday.

C.A. Wildcats

In Texas, the (masked) cheerleaders flip, jump, and twist through the air across their stage and use the entire space for quite an impressive routine. Klum calls it “explosive,” and she and Vergara both note how full of energy they are. Mandel, however, isn’t sure if they were better than last time.

Kenadi Dodds

Kenadi performs an original song for her younger sister, “Dancing Through the Stars.” While Mandel thinks she’s “an amazing talent,” he admits, the song “didn’t do it for me personally.” However, both Klum and Vergara find it to be “beautiful.”

Lightwave Theatre Company

With the message to “be there for each other,” the puppet girl and dog are back, this time a bit older and with a puppy they deliver to an older woman on a terrace across from theirs in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Mandel hits his red buzzer, explaining to the performers in Romania, “I found that very depressing.” Klum disagrees because “it is sad, but this is reality.” She thinks “it sends a nice message to people out there” to do something nice for someone else. Vergara falls in the middle.


They once again aim to bring hope with their rendition of “Fall on Me.” Mandel calls it “beautiful” and tells them they continue to set the bar. “Your harmonies are beautiful and you are beautiful people as human beings,” he adds. Their “voices are amazing,” Vergara agrees.

Divas & Drummers of Compton

With masks to match their outfits, they light up the football field, and there’s something to watch everywhere, whether it be the drummers or the dancers. “You guys were absolutely incredible. I loved the choreography. I love your energy,” Klum says. “I’m inspired by all of you.” Mandel agrees, and he and Vergara call it their favorite act of the night so far.


The singer belts out “Strong” and becomes Vergara’s new “highlight of the night.” “Flawless, the song, the way you look,” she says, adding she’d give her a Golden Buzzer if she could. “You nailed it,” Klum agrees. Mandel notes that singers on AGT have to up their game more than other talents, and he does think America will “remember” her when they vote.

Noah Epps

Taking his inspiration from the arcade and scary movies for his character, he dances his way across a stage that reflects that. “You’re so good. You’re like a top-notch solo dance performer,” Klum tells him and thinks others will copy his act. Vergara notes that even at his young age, he knows what he wants to do and where he wants to go.

Alex Hooper

The controversial comedian begins by saying he’ll read a bedtime story rather than roast. Unsurprisingly, he uses his “As the World Burns” to do both. He gets a standing ovation from Mandel, who calls him “brilliant.” “I love the pain. I love the hurt,” he says. But Vergara pushes the red buzzer because he’s “so mean” and Klum gives Alex a taste of his own medicine with “Roses are red/violets are blue/some people are funny/not sure about you.”

Broken Roots

With their second chance (after another act couldn’t perform), they sing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” While the judges think they used the opportunity well and Vergara says they remind her “of all-American good men,” Mandel wonders if it’s AGT-worthy or more suited for a coffee house.

Bello Sisters

From Germany — and after an injury — the balance act once again puts on an unbelievable performance. “That was beautiful to watch. It can’t be any better,” Vergara says. “What a great combination of talent and three stunning women.” Mandel notes that usually there’s a man involved to do some of the lifting and repeats that he’d see them in Vegas. “You deserve a career, and I think things are going to be good,” he adds.

Brandon Leake

The poet once again is so eloquent and so real with his words, calling attention to the Black Lives Matter movement and framing it to his mother. He earns the standing ovation he receives from the judges. “That was very, very, very, very powerful, and I’m happy that you chose this platform to talk about what you just did,” Klum says. “This is above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen [or] heard,” Mandel says. “I am so proud I pushed the Golden Buzzer. In my heart, you just won the whole night.”

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