Katherine Ryan Pursues Motherhood for the Second Time in ‘The Duchess’ Trailer (VIDEO)

The Duchess Katherine Ryan Trailer Netflix
Simon Ridgway/Netflix

In her new Netflix comedy The Duchess, comedian Katherine Ryan is going to be a mother again — it’s just a matter of how.

Premiering on Friday, September 11, the series follows Ryan’s Katherine, “a fashionably disruptive single mom” who makes “powerful and problematic choices.” But when she decides to have a second child, the identity of the father—or rather, sperm donor, as she makes clear in the trailer — is up in the air.

Should she go with first daughter Olive’s father? That appears to be her decision after she tries both adoption and a fertility clinic. After all, her last serious relationship was with him (though both have clearly moved on). Katherine calls a sperm donor “the safest way” for her.

“My entire family are dead … to me, so when Olive was born, I was all alone, but now we have each other,” she tells the doctor at the fertility clinic. But she’s offended when he tells her they have donors in their late teens and early 20s “fit for a geriatric pregnancy.”

Watch the trailer below.

According to Netflix, Ryan approached the streaming service after her stand-up special, In Trouble, “with an idea based on her life as a fabulous single mom living in London.” This new series “is meant to be a Catastrophe-like single-cam comedy set in London.”

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